Free English Lessons

We teach English every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The classes are held in the lower level of the church building facing 14th Street and Hwy 47.

Our teachers usually work with one or two students.  We can help you with speaking and writing English.  We can help you to prepare for the U.S. Citizenship test.

People of all ages and from all backgrounds are welcome.  For more information, please call 636-239-1878 or 573-484-3319.

2 responses to “Free English Lessons

  1. Mrs. Hackett – OOO Girl! I love the chucrh pics, you made the chucrh look much bigger than it is, very cool! My fav is the one of rob and i holding hands and you can see his ring on his hand soo sweet, makes me tear up all over again. I know I have told you a million times but you are absolutely wonderful and I couldnt be more happy that it was you, my family, capturing every moment of our crazy special day! muah, love ya

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