Location and Contact

Peace Lutheran Church is located at 5 Scenic Drive, Washington, MO 63090.

Office Phone: 636-239-1878

Regular Sunday Worship Schedule

9:00 AM – Sunday School (all ages) and Adult Education

10:00 AM – Worship Services


13 responses to “Location and Contact

  1. I live in Grand Blanc, Michigan and noticed an obituary for Mr. John Hopkins. I would appreciate if you would forward this note to his family. Mr. Hopkins was my gym teacher at Perry Jr. High in the early 1970’s. I will always remember him as a very kind soul, sort of a gentle giant, especially to a kid in junior high! I will always remember being amazed at how many push ups he could do and at such a rapid pace! I never met any of his family but I want them to know that I am not alone in looking back and thinking about Mr. Hopkins as someone who had a positive influence on our young lives. I wish him his family Christ’s peace.
    Rob McColgan

  2. Rob – I am so glad to receive your message. I will pass it on to John’s wife Arlys and their children. We will be holding a memorial service for John on November 3. I know they will be touched by your remembrances. Thank you for sharing them. Peace to you, Pr. Aimee Appell.

  3. Patricia Soledade

    Rev, Appell,
    Your devotionals on God Pause the past week are beautifully written and truly inspirational. I hope you continue to write them for publication. Your words are a breath of fresh air in a world of stale theology.
    Lake Jackson, TX

  4. Betty Ruppel, Dublin GA

    I left a voice msg but will also leave a message here. I am trying to locate the Lutheran Church in Washington MO where my great-grandfather was pastor in the late 1800s. His name was Ernst Traugott Richter. Thank you for your kind assistance.

    • Hi, Betty:
      We are cousins; I was your Uncle Ted’s youngest kid, the one who was (and continues to be) your age. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a photo of your dad as a young man with our beloved Grandma Ruppel which I’d be happy to send you. I did some genealogy stuff maybe 10-15 years ago, but subsequently lost interest. You do know the story of Grandpa Ruppel? I am retired; my wife and I live in a small town near Sacramento, CA. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested. Best wishes. — Tom

  5. Warren Luckner

    What are the times of your Easter Day services?

  6. Hi Warren! We have a coffee hour and Easter Egg hunt at 9 am. Worship service starts at 10 am.

  7. What’s your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day worship schedule?

  8. Hi Renee! We will not worship New Year’s Eve, but we do worship at 10:00 am on Sunday, January 1st, New Year’s Day.

  9. Mara Vorachek-Warren

    The Google calendar on the mobile site is stating that your worship services are 10 am on Saturdays? Is this correct?
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Mara. That is correct. 10 am is worship start time.

  11. 10 am on Sundays. Not Saturday. The Google calendar was changed somehow. It is fixed, thanks.

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