Some Upcoming Events and Meetings

Congregational Care Team Meeting
We are forming a Congregational Care Team. This group will work closely with Pastor Aimee on in-reach, helping her make sure that those in need of companionship, pastoral attention, and the care of the community are being tended to. We have an initial meeting on Monday April 15 at 6:30 pm. Part of the work of this team will include a focus on Mental Health education and care. On Thursday April 25 at 7pm, Peace will be hosting Care and Counseling of St. Louis, as they conduct a training in Mental Health companionship for several local churches. Anyone with an interest in this subject is invited and encouraged to attend either or both of these meetings. Contact Pastor Aimee Appell.

Game Night
April 27, 2013, starting at 6:30 pm. We will be playing Bunco. Bingo or “Hand and Foot” cards will also be available. Bring your favorite snacks and drinks. You are welcome to provide games or a movie for children. Contact Barb Johnson.

Missional Planning RetreatYou are invited to a Missional Planning Retreat Saturday May 4 from 9am to Noon. This will be a time of faith formation and congregational planning. We will spend time dwelling in Scripture, listening to God and each other and planning our life and work together through the season of Pentecost and into the summer.  All are welcome and encouraged to participate. Contact Nancy Nagel or Pastor Aimee Appell.

One response to “Some Upcoming Events and Meetings

  1. Roxie Bureman

    I have a new email:

    Just FYI – Ron has a very hard schedule this semester. He teaches Mon-Fri night until 11:30, Tuesday from 8 am to 11:30 pm & half day on Sat. He is just exhausted & sleeps all day Sun. Hopefully next semester won’t be so hard on him.


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