God Pause Daily Devotions

Pastor Aimee is the guest writer of God Pause Daily Devotions at Luther Seminary this week. You can read the devotions by going to the Luther Seminary website.  Each day a new devotion will be posted. Here’s a teaser: “Daniel’s terrifying vision of flames licking at God’s chariot and throne is a warrior image for the ages, with thousands, nay, tens of thousands serving in the court of this almighty judge.”

One response to “God Pause Daily Devotions

  1. Anita Johnson, Burnsville, MN

    Dear Pastor Aimee,
    I have been reading your devotionals on God Pause this past week. They have all been inspirational, but the one today struck me especially. My prayers are with you as you are not sure what’s ahead for your Dad. My Dad’s 103rd birthday would have been this week. He died in August of 2011. We sang “This is my Father’s World” at his funeral because he too had a great curiosity and a great love for the world around him, and we are the richer for it. Thank you for what you have shared this week. May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry!

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