Peace Update, 16th Week of Pentecost

In Worship this Week:
Pentecost 16
Liturgical Color: Green
Psalm 19
Genesis 15:1-6

New Lectionary!
Each week during worship, we read four texts, usually organized around a specific theme. The texts are most often one from the Old Testament, a psalm, one from an epistle (or letter) of the New Testament, and one from a gospel book. We rotate through Matthew, Mark, & Luke, and sprinkle John through the three year cycle. These readings are rich and provide a survey of all of the literature in the Bible. However, many people these days are not as Biblically literate as in days past. A primary complaint that church-goers have across the country is that they do not know the story arc of the Bible from beginning to end. This can make the order of our readings confusing, especially when, in Advent, we hear stories of Jesus as a grown man, and then two weeks later are reading about a baby in a manger! To address this, a group of Lutheran scholars has created the Narrative Lectionary, which we will begin using on September 9. This series of readings will begin with Genesis and work its way through the Bible, so that when we arrive at Christmas, Jesus is born! Then we will read stories from the life of Christ between Christmas and Easter, leading us into Acts and the letters of the New Testament. Each week, we will have one reading, plus a psalm. I believe this will be a refreshing way to work our way through scripture over the coming 9 months, giving us a different perspective and more time to spend with each reading. It will also align well with the Sunday school curriculum, which already follows this more narrative story arc. If you have any questions or concerns about this experiment, please speak with me (Pr. Aimee). I will be very interested in your feedback, and will share it with the developers of this lectionary.

In Worship next Week:
Pentecost 17
Liturgical Color: Green
Psalm 54
Genesis 37:3-8, 26-34; 50:15-21

Christian Education
Regular Sunday school will begin this Sunday. There will be classes for children ages 2 yrs to 6th grade. The elementary aged kids will begin a unit on communion education, lasting four weeks. On October 21, we will celebrate with these students during worship with a special communion service focusing on their growth in faith. Teens are invited to join the Adult Forum, our adult Sunday school group. We will be framing our discussion with the book Lutheran Questions, Lutheran Answers, by Martin Marty (available at for about $13). This will lead us into discussions on everything from ethics to Scripture, from the faith of our neighbors to the social statements of the ELCA, and beyond. Bring your questions about faith, Scripture, and whatever else, and add them to ours!

Reminder! With the joint service at the riverfront last week, collecting the offering was a little tricky. If you weren’t able to submit your offering, or if you weren’t at the service, please be aware that we will still accept last week’s offering this week! We’re just that gracious! Okay, seriously, though. The offering was rather lighter than usual, due to the circumstances. Giving has in general been improving, and we would love to carry that trend into the remaining months of the year. Please consider making up for last week’s offering if you missed it. Thank you!

A “Blue Jean Sunday” has been scheduled for September 23rd. After the service, we will work together to complete projects on our grounds and in our building. If you have noticed a job that needs to be done and could be completed at this event, please let Marsha Posz know. So far a few of the projects listed have been: Maintenance on our flower beds, touch-up painting, vacuuming the chairs, and repairing fissures in the parking lot, just to name a few. We are looking for someone to clean the carpets also. The rental of the cleaning machine has been generously donated by one of our members. This is something that can be done according to YOUR schedule, not on “Blue Jean Sunday.” If you are interested in donating your time to this effort, please contact Bill Stewart.

Mental Health Team training – Thursday, October 4, 7 p.m., at St. Peter’s UCC. Thanks to a grant through Care & Counseling of St. Louis, Peace Lutheran has the opportunity to spearhead an effort to bring mental health awareness and resources into our local community. The idea is to form a small team within the congregation that will provide mental health resources for members and the community. We are free to shape this ministry as we see fit. The training that is taking place in October is an introduction. It is not a commitment! If you would like more information or would like to attend, please contact Pr. Aimee.

Gateway Ringers Concert – Sunday, October 7
The Gateway Ringers is a talented group of bell-ringers from the St. Louis metro area.  The Gateway Ringers will perform a concert here in Washington on Sunday, October 7, beginning at 3:30 pm.  Many in this group are professional musicians, and their performances are usually in the knock-your-socks-off category. This concert is free.  There will be a free-will offering for the benefit the residents of Emmaus Home in Marthasville.  The Emmaus Home Bell Choir will also perform. The concert will be held at St. Peter’s UCC (20 East Fifth Street).  After the concert, a Dutch-treat supper is planned at a local restaurant for those interested. For more information, please contact Phyllis Steckel at 636-239-4013 or; or, visit

Salvation Army Bell Ringers at Schnuck’s?
Each year, Loving Hearts Outreach arranges for bell ringers at the Salvation Army’s red kettles at Schnuck’s in Washington.  This year, our goal is to provide at least one, four-person bell choir from Peace Lutheran on one of the Saturdays before Christmas:  it seems that when shoppers see and hear a “real” bell choir playing Christmas music, they tend to be even more generous in their red-kettle donations.  Are you interested?  If so, please let Richard Steckel know of your availability by the end of September.  If enough people from PLC are interested, it may be possible to have two or more PLC bell choirs play back-to-back at Schnuck’s.  Call Rich at 636-239-4013 or email for more information.  It’s early, but if we make arrangements soon, there’s a better chance of getting our preferred dates to ring.

Marsha Posz is spearheading a committee of individuals to look into maintenance issues as they come up. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Marsha. Also, if you notice any maintenance issues, contact Marsha and she will contact the appropriate person(s) to look into it. Marsha’s cell # is 636-667-1370 and her email is

September is Alzheimer’s awareness month. Please take a moment to see the flyer at this link:

Volunteer opportunity! You may have noticed that the lawn is starting to grow again, now that we have had rain. Bill Dye, who has faithfully cut our lawn for some time now, has moved to Sullivan. This means that we need to find a new way to tend to our lawn care needs. Cutting two or so acres of grass takes a significant time commitment. We have the equipment. What we need is the (wo)man power. If there is anyone who has the time to offer to this, even if it is only on occasion, please let me know. If we had a team of 3-4 people who could work together, it could even be a lot of fun and include time for fellowship! Imagine that!

A memorial service for John Hopkins has been scheduled for November 3, at 1:30 p.m.

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