The News from New Orleans

Greetings from New Orleans!  Each of the past three days, we have focused on a different main area for building our faith.  Wednesday was Practice Discipleship day, in which we worshiped with Central States synod churches and leaders, and explored seven practices of faith: Pray, Worship, Invite, Study, Give, Serve, and Encourage.  Thursday was Practice Peacemaking Day, in which we wandered the vast Convention Center exploring an impressive number of exhibits and activities.  Friday (today) was Practice Justice day, in which we offered our service to the city of New Orleans.  In our case, we were assigned to learn about “cultural literacy,” which meant learning about Creole/Cajun cooking.  And of course, every evening there is worship, featuring live (loud) music and inspiring speakers and tens of thousands of youth dancing and singing.

We journey back home to Missouri tomorrow, following morning worship.  We give thanks for this wonderful opportunity for our youth to join 33,000 other youth in celebration and encouragement of their faith journeys.


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